Week of Prayer & Fasting Day 2


1.  3Day Fast (Esther 4) a fast for a crisis or trouble.  Are you in trouble?  Is your home in trouble or one of your kids in trouble?  Is your finances in a crisis?  One biblical reason to fast is when there is trouble in your life.

2.  21Day Fast or Daniel Fast (Daniel 10) a fast that brings clarity and understanding to vision.  It is no bread of any type, no pasta, no bread, no meat…you just eat vegetables, fruit and just drink water.

3.  1Day Fast (Leviticus 23:27 & Jeremiah 36:6) a fast for consecration or a spiritual “check-up”.  You’re asking, Lord how am I doing?  Do I love you like I loved you when I first met you?  Have I drawn closer to you this year or have I lost my passion?  God is my worship what you desire? Am I living it before my children?  Is my family seeing Christ in me?  What about my temper, what about my words, what about my attitude?  Am I negative am I ugly to people?  Lord I’m bringing myself to you and I really want to be more like you and I need a self-examination and I’m seeing some things in my life that are not like you and I want you to help me deal with them on this fast.

4.  1Day Fast (Judges 20) a fast before any major battle or situation.  Never go into major battle without fasting.

Tomorrow i will give you 5-7.  Well this is the beginning of our second day of fasting.  I hope you are doing well and spending quality time with God.  So far it’s been easy-going for me although after church last night I had a strong desire for chicken nuggets :).  We had an incredible time of prayer this morning with some Mighty Men @ New Life Church.  Tonigh we will gather for prayer at 7pm with the focus on forgiveness and a pure heart.  See you tonight!

About juanmrivera

I am a son to my Heavenly Father, a bride to His son Jesus, a tabernacle for Holy Spirit, a husband to an incredible woman, a father to three amazing girls, lead pastor at New Life Church.
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2 Responses to Week of Prayer & Fasting Day 2

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the information, I have been having a discussion with someone regarding fasting, so I print out the information you provide, much appreciated.

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